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A Local Footprint with a Global Reach

Zevas has 3 centres across Ireland bolstered by a robust remote worker strategy now in place. With experience of supporting over 20 languages Zevas allows clients quick and familiar feeling access into new markets and territories.

Our strategy is also to match the business hours of the end customer, therefor we run a 24 hour a day operation so we can proudly support EMEA, APAC and North America.

Our Values


We cherish and encourage creativity as a means to continually improving our services and our work environment. Anybody can have a great idea, it’s our job to foster them!


We consider our agility and flexibility to be a significant differentiator in our team. Customers needs change at the speed of light, so being nimble is integral to top class delivery.


We operate as “one team” with our clients whether it is an insourced or outsource model. All decisions are made with ultimate client inclusion.


We believe in making commitments. To ourselves, to each other and to our clients. A team environment of accountability supports us to do this consistently


As a team, including our colleagues, vendors, current and future customers, our belief is that all those that come in contact with Zevas should be shown the highest standard of Respect. Our belief is to treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.