Ways of minimising the Risks of Outsourcing

If you or your company has never engaged in outsourcing, you might fear the risks of outsourcing and that this will cost you, money, effort and lost time. These fears are natural but when engaging with Zevas, we will mislay any apprehensions you may have.

Consider the top 5 risks of outsourcing:

  • Broken promises

Outsourcing companies talk of vast expertise and top talent, but is there any credibility to their words. Check underneath the bonnet!


What to consider:

  • Look at the company’s website.

Do they develop leading partnerships with other brands? At Zevas we partner with Paypal ,Google and Solarwinds.  

  • Check case studies. 

Here at Zevas, we proudly display our most successful projects listing the client’s background, their problems, and how we solve them. This demonstrates our expertise working with 1st class clients.

  • Look beyond our case studies.

Check independent review platforms like CCMA awards. 

  • Talk to our clients. 

We would be delighted if you request references.

  • Check Zevas’s activity on social media. 

We like to share knowledge through various platforms such as LinkedIn.  We take a leading role in participating in international conferences and local BPO events. We are also members of the Crios BPO group.


  • Meet our team face-to-face in our sites in Cork, Dublin and Waterford.

This will give you visibility of a day in the life in Zevas.


  1. Poor or below par quality

You get what you pay for.


If you ask why companies abandon outsourcing, most of them would tell a similar story. They all wanted to save money, going with the cheapest option in the market. If the result is an undocumented mess then all the possible cost savings go out of the window.



 What to consider :

  • At Zevas there can be no compromise when it comes to quality. We ensure that we have the same if not higher industry quality standards as our industry peers. Check out our ISMS 27001 ISO standard Certification. 


  • Look at our technology stack (e.g.Five 9, frameworks, LMS libraries, testing and monitoring tools). We focus on providing a full range of QA services including performance testing, Test documentation creation, and extensive QA automation


  • Zevas also developed in-house state of the art CRM tools to deliver excellent reporting and feedback to our Customers


  1. Lack of DNA or Market experience

Other BPOs will say they have experience in your business niche however at Zevas we are in business 20 years and have built up a lot of experience. Don’t spend time on inexperienced Outsourcers


They will have to spend more time analyzing your requirements. lack of DNA or knowledge can cause numerous issues during onboarding. This results in failure to deliver your goals.


  • Learn about Zevas’s DNA and expertise. You can find this information on our website or request it directly (along with case studies as proof of experience). What gets measured gets done !
  • Add a product discovery phase/workshop before the start of the campaign. You’ll receive finished agreed scripts , user cases, and business processes. What’s more, the workshop will reveal any gaps in the technical expertise and soft skills. 



Unforeseen expenses

When you engage in outsourcing for the first time with a new vendor , it’s natural to worry about unexpected costs that might arise during the development. Partnering with Zevas most expenses are easy to foresee  before the start of campaign, some might pop up as we work together but only those that are fully agreed and costed.


  • Make sure you have clear requirements. Organize a gathering workshop). This will help you define the scope of work and reduce the chance of unexpected costs.
  • Get acquainted with our pricing models offered by Zevas. Remember other BPO companies may have different pricing fixed and non-fixed price contracts. 
  • Be fully read on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Statement of Works SOW that lists services provided. Make sure you are aware of our costs like leads  system integrations , Training costs and buying the necessary hardware/software if needed etc .

Loss of control

Losing control over part or all of your Sales / Customers service operation  is every manager’s nightmare. You know your business. You know when your employees need supervision and when you can trust them to make independent decisions. Working with a BPO partner is similar. In Zevas you trust !!


  • Ask yourself which aspects of the campaign project cycle you are ready to delegate before the start of engagement.
    • At Zevas we write a detailed Business Process Management plan. We list the main stakeholders, their responsibilities and contacts; establish the processes to deal with changing requirements.
    • With your Team we manage the project together. We appoint our Business Developement Manager David Cashman who will be personally responsible for communicating with the development team and prioritizing their work.
    • We set up proper communication channels. Daily emails are great but regular video-calls, on-site demos, Slack channels
    • Miscommunication


      According to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report, 88% of respondents consider communication the key to successful outsourcing. Different time zones, language barriers, cultural differences and the absence of face-to-face meetings can all impact the project outcome.

      At Zevas we want to develop lasting relationships

      Considerations :

      • Check the team’s Languages capability English in particular
      • Always insist on personal communication or online meetings. Their unwillingness to communicate directly can indicate language issues that might cause misunderstandings later on.
      • Learn whether the BPO has experience in working with your time zone. While the difference in 2-4 hours is negligible, 8+ hours requires a significant adjustment for other outsourcing firms. 
      • At Zevas we ensure our reporting services have a proven gathering procedure and employ professional business analysts.
      • At Zevas we embrace cultural differences. Different countries may have different traditions, norms of behavior, intonations, and gestures. 
      • Welcome to Zevas. 
      • Global that offers limitless opportunities

Proud to work with some of the world’s leading brands