Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

Benefits of business process outsourcing

Why choose a BPO


There are many advantages of outsourcing to a BPO. It allows you to focus on other aspects of the business whilst using a specialised provider who can successfully deliver consistent results. Outsourcing can provide a stress free option while you can grow your core business.  Outsourcing providers are very focused and offer specialised often highly educated personnel as well as bespoke technologies to add value across a range of areas.  

Many of the Fortune 100 companies use the outsourcing strategy to effectively run some aspects of their business, very often in the Sales and Customer service areas. Google, Twitter and PayPal are examples of companies who rely on outsourcing to ongoingly grow their business very successfully.


Growing your Brand

A carefully selected BPO can effectively represent and grow your brand. Contact Centres very often offer 24/7 service to support the business and leave a great impression. Many contact centres offer multilingual support and Call Center Agents that are highly trained and motivated.  Call lCenters  provide world class security and operate to ISO 27001 standards. Phone, Chat and e-support are some methods used to contact customers. Retaining customers in a competitive market can be challenging, however to stand out  by using Call Centers gives a greater satisfied customer experience whilst growing your sales business.


Awareness of Value


The return on investment from a BPO experience can not be underestimated. Having knowledgeable and trained manpower across all the business elements is reassuring.  Employees in the sector often have third level qualifications and use the experience as their first platform to grow their career as the experience gained can equal a second qualification.  The skills gained and an ongoing coaching culture helps to reach full employee potential.  Employee job satisfaction is high and reward and recognition programmes are very effectively driven  in the Contact Centre environment. 


Flexibility & BPO

One of the key factors of a BPO is the flexibility it can offer. It can be seasonal or ongoing or when your business has a market need. Having a robust flexible business model whilst championing customer excellence makes a true company leader. Adapting quickly to change is key with minimal disruption. Training, IT & HR Departments are fundamental in supporting the business to be agile by attracting exceptional talent and developing this talent to achieve  optimum results. Empowering employees to adapt to change or giving valuable feedback is probably one of the most remarkable assets from a BPO experience. Data Analytics allows improvements and changes to be made at source and can lead to immediate impact and financial gains. Zevas is such a company that demonstrates agility to a high level. Anything is possible from this renowned Irish company who can adapt at short notice. 

Choose the most suitable BPO company for your business expansion.

If you are aiming to expand internationally, you need the assistance of a reputable company that is extensively acquainted with the operations of a global business, especially when it comes to addressing the language barrier and cultural differences. The company to choose does not have to be the biggest or oldest. What’s important is the expertise and experience to handle outsourcing needs competently and efficiently. Zevas is a top company to offer  you such a service. and who has worked with world renowned brands.


The benefits of choosing Ireland & an Irish Company


Ireland is a country that is at the heart of the BPO sector. Zevas is an anchored experienced Irish company that has worked with many blue chip companies. Ireland is a pro business environment (ref Crios Group) where Zevas is a very  active member – promoting the value of outsourcing internationally.

According to the IDA, Ireland is a stable and competitive country, with the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone, along with a highly skilled educated workforce it only makes the decision pain free. Along with lifestyle, available skills from some of the best colleges in the world – Ireland remains one of the best countries that can support global business as well as taking advantage of Brexit. It continues to have a strong relationship with Europe and the US. Ireland has been chosen by 9 of the 10 of  US  world technology companies, 8 of the 10 financial companies, the top 5 Global software companies, and 8 of the 10 Industrial Automation companies, illustrating that Ireland has a proven track record as a successful location for leading multinational companies that offer you a wide choice of BPO  sales partners. There are a number of reasons to choose Ireland as a location to outsource. In the early 1990’s, international companies began to centralise their Customer Experience and support activities in Ireland. Over the past number of years, Ireland has established itself as an ideal destination for multinationals, and is now the European hub to over 1,000 leading multinational companies including Apple, Google, Pfizer and Microsoft.

Ireland also has a workforce with multilingual capabilities, as Irish Contact Centres are serving customers across the globe. This global reach means that Customer Service and Sales Representatives need to be able to deliver a diverse range of languages to meet customers expectations.

This blog has explored  some of the main reasons why Ireland is an excellent destination for businesses considering outsourcing to an Irish partner and the ingredients that make Ireland excel at every customer need, be it in Sales or Customer Service in a friendly  and efficient manner.


Ease of doing Business:

Ireland’s open and business friendly environment, ranks Ireland in the top 15 places to do business with. According to the IDA, Ireland’s strong and legal regulatory landscape makes the country an attractive and stable place to do business. On a practical level, Ireland’s geographic location makes Ireland a gateway to world markets, with strong ties to both Europe and the United States. Ireland is an ideal base location for organisations seeking to expand and explore opportunities in the wider European and international Market.




It is clear  from this blog that the option to consider a BPO offering can offer a significant pathway to growth and gain significant financial  advantage.  Contact Zevas to make that impact and we are just a call away !

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