Customer Retention and Win-Back

Communications with customers who are unhappy or who have already been lost can help pinpoint opportunities to improve product and service delivery, correct miscommunications and identify new growth opportunities.

Never before have technological tools for winning back unhappy or lost customers been more available or affordable to help you reconnect with them. A lost customer win-back programme can help limit negative word of mouth from unhappy customers who defect and encourage positive word of mouth from customers who are won back.

At Zevas we know that it takes far more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one. Zevas have extensive experience and success in minimising churn and driving successful customer win-back campaigns.

Client Benefits:
  • Our extensive experience and success across a wide range of sectors gives us an edge in understanding what it takes to keep a customer on board
  • We understand that customer experience in every single contact we make on your behalf will be key to keeping or bringing back that customer to you
  • We take great pride in not only retaining your customer accounts but also extending their contract life
  • By analyzing unhappy and lost customers, we can help you detect other at-risk customers and maintain and regain market share

See our work in action

National Insurance Group

Reduction in costs and complexity by integrating disparate contact point solutions into one reporting system

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Irish Overseas Development Agency

Increased conversion rates across all campaigns while maintaining the highest quality of standards

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Nationwide mobile phone services provider

Increased sales lead generation productivity by 68% YoY

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